Installation and setting info about AntiCaptcha plugin features for the visually impaired individuals

Detailed description for the visually impaired individuals. A compilation of all the information you may need. It contains a shot description of the extension feature, keyboard shortcuts, price information, links to an installation guide for different browsers, to the service registration and recharge pages as well as to the Instructions for use page.


The plugin for Chrome and Firefox browsers, which automatically finds and solves a CAPTCHa on any webpage and solves it for you. It works with regular image CAPTCHAs, FunCaptcha (animals rotation) as well as with "I'm not a robot" (reCAPTCHA 2) when you need to click on mountain images or street signs. Now it's not a problem for you! 

Add-on works perfectly on moset of the websites. Sound notifications are supported, turned off by default, can be on in plugin settings. If you have any problems on a particular website, just ask us and we'll fix it right away, all you need to do is write us on with a link to the problem website.

There is a new feature of CAPTHA image autosearch which runs when you press CTRL+SHIFT+6 being on CAPTCHA input field (it's quite similar to WebVisum). After that a CAPTCHA solving process starts and a result will be placed into an input field.


CAPTCHAs are not free, but it's not expensive at all. 

Разгадывание капч платное, но цена очень и очень демократичная. On average:
from 0.8$ upto 1.2$ for 1000 regular image CAPTCHAs and
from 2.2$ upto 3.5$  for 1000 Recaptcha 2 ("I'm not a robot").

Besides we give you 10 free CAPTCHAs if you install our plugin for Chrome, try it now!

How to install and tune it

Out plugin uses service for captcha solving, you pay only them. All we need for work is a special 32-digit letter key, which you can get if you register on website and add some funds, for example 1$, in Refill Balance section.

Your API key can found on the "Settings" -> "API setup" page. We will need it later to enter it in a special field in the plugin settings. More information can be found in installation pages for Chrome and Firefox.

Further lets install our plugin in browser. There are Chrome and Firefox supported. Click corresponding links to watch installation guide for Google Chrome or installation guide for Firefox.

How to use

After installation and tuning you can enjoy using it! You might be interested in instructions for use article.