Example for hCaptcha solving in iMacros application with built-in Internet Explorer browser

How to solve a hCaptcha without installing an AntiCaptcha plugin by including an external JS file in a iMacros application.

For now URL GOTO=javascript: may not work in some browsers. So this code won't work too. Try to use Firefox or iMacros software instead.

For users, who use a standalone iMacros application we created a JS file that contains a functionality for solving a hCaptcha in any browser, including IE which one is used by iMacros software.

This example is almost the same as for the reCAPTCHA 2 iMacros application solving exaple. So here we only provide a plain example code for solving hCaptcha in iMacros application.

VERSION BUILD=844 RECORDER=CR ' URL GOTO=http://democaptcha.com/demo-form-eng/hcaptcha.html ' ' Insert your Anti-Captcha API key here SET antiCaptchaApiKey YOUR-ANTI-CAPTCHA-API-KEY ' ' Fetch Anti-Captcha API key in TEXTAREA.[name=h-captcha-response] element TAG POS=1 TYPE=TEXTAREA ATTR=NAME:h-captcha-response CONTENT={{antiCaptchaApiKey}} ' Or you can place the API key in DIV#anticaptcha-imacros-account-key, it will also work 'URL GOTO=javascript:(function(){var<SP>d=document.getElementById("anticaptcha-imacros-account-key");d||(d=document.createElement("div"),d.innerHTML="{{antiCaptchaApiKey}}",d.style.display="none",d.id="anticaptcha-imacros-account-key",document.body.appendChild(d))})(); ' ' Include hcaptcha.js file with all the functional URL GOTO=javascript:(function(){var<SP>s=document.createElement("script");s.src="https://cdn.antcpt.com/imacros_inclusion/hcaptcha.js?"+Math.random();document.body.appendChild(s);})(); ' ' Further goes the same code as if you use AntiCaptcha extension ' ' Fill the text field with test value TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=NAME:recaptcha_demo_form ATTR=NAME:demo_text CONTENT=iMacros<SP>test<SP>message ' ' Most important part: we wait 120 seconds until an AntiCatcha indicator ' with class "antigate_solver" gets in additional "solved" class SET !TIMEOUT_STEP 120 TAG POS=1 TYPE=DIV ATTR=CLASS:"*antigate_solver*solved*" ' ' Send form TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=NAME:recaptcha_demo_form ATTR=TYPE:submit

In case of any problem with AntiCaptcha plugin integration with iMacros you can write us using Feedback form!