An official Anti Captcha browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and others browsers,
which automatically finds a CAPTCHA on a webpage
and solves it for you in the background.

An account key is required for it to work.

This extension is primarily for people with poor vision who need help recognizing the hard-to-spot symbols in every possible type of CAPTCHA. It's also for people who go crazy having to click these pesky objects over and over again! The plugin comes with sound notifications enabled in the plugin settings.

There is a CAPTHA image autosearch feature that runs when you press CTRL+SHIFT+6 on CAPTCHA input field (similar to WebVisum).
A CAPTCHA solving process then starts and the result appears into an input field.

Please read the following guide for visually impaired users .

The plugin recognizes regular image captchas (including Solvemedia) and can also solve the reCAPTCHA 2.0 (including Enterprise), reCAPTCHA 3 and the FunCaptcha. As well as the Chinese Geetest and new hCaptcha (Cloudfare)!

Image captcha solving process
Google Recaptcha solving
Funcaptcha solving

Geetest solving
hCptcha solving

Our plugin solves captchas on most websites including Omegle chat AliExpress LiveJournal Cloudflare Roblox EA Fifa and many others...

The plugin is very easy to use: Download Specify your API key and start using
following the instructions

Attention: Your key is stored inside the protected browser storage only and will not be sent to a third party.

Free CAPTCHAs for everyone!

We give you 15 free demo CAPTCHAs if you install our plugin for Chrome so you can see how it works! Trial CAPTCHAs are not available for Firefox users.

Supported features:

  1. Maximum support for most popular captcha types including reCAPTCHA v2, v3, invisible, interprise, and also Funcaptcha, Geetest, hCAPTCHA and regular picture CAPTCHAs with numbers.
  2. Chrome and Firefox engine browser support.
  3. Intelligent reCAPTCHA v2 solving system, including the automatic callback function call, executed in the same way it would be in the normal CAPTCHA solving process.
  4. reCAPTCHA 2 precaching feature which may help you cut the CAPTCHA solving time down to 2 seconds!
  5. Selenium, iMacros and Kantu integration with code examples.
  6. A possibility to solve a captcha without extension installation, i.e., when using Puppeteer.
  7. An API to our extension that allows you to control our plugin from your runtime script.
  8. More than 1,000 regular customers and more than 200,000 captchas solved daily!
  9. Sound notifications and keyboard shortcuts for the convenience of visually impaired users
video example of reCAPTCHA 2 solution

Our plugin works with theiMacrosbrowser extension, and it's also possible to solve reCAPTCHA 2.0 in the iMacros standalone application.

iMacros extension example iMacros standalone application example

Excellent integration with the Kantu Browser Automation tool with examples.

Interaction of Kantu and AntiCaptcha plugin