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A browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox, which automatically finds a CAPTCHA on a webpage and solves it for you.

The Extension is primarily for people with poor vision, who has issues with recognition all these tricky symbols of all possible captchas. It's also for people who just get annoyed after entering these unclear symbols again and again!

It solves regular image captcha as well as reCAPTCHA 2.0. Anti-Captcha.com account key is required for it's work.

It can work with iMacros extension for browsers, there is also possibility to solve reCAPTCHA 2.0 in the iMacros standalone application.

Our extension works well on websites like Facebook, AliExpress, LiveJournal, Raiblockscommunity, Bonusbitcoin, Primedice and many others as well as on browser games like Omerta, etc.

We give you 5 free CAPTCHas if you install our plugin so you can see how it works! Trial CAPTCHAs are not available for Firefox users.

The plugin is very easy to use. All you need to do is install it, turn on an automatic solving process and specify your Anti-Captcha.com account key. Attention: your key is stored inside of the protected browser storage only and it won't be sent to a third party.

Afterwards you'll see your current balance.

Instructions for use


A solving process for reCAPTCHA 2 will automatically begin on every new page of your browser as it shown in the screenshot.

Regular image captcha

To solve a regular image captcha you should visit a page containing one, do the right click on the captcha picture and choose "Mark image as captcha source" in the context menu (1). There has to appear an AntiCaptcha plugin icon right on the image, which means, that all similar images on this website will be interpreted as containing a captcha.

It's also required to do the right click on an captcha input field and choose "Mark input as captcha solution destination" (2). An AntiCaptcha plugin icon will appear too.

Now automatical solving process will be made for every page of this domain, which contains chosen image and input field. To stop it all you need to do is to click on a plugin icon near image or input field.

What next?


0.1482 — solvemedia.com CAPTCHAs can be solved now.

0.1475 — Plugin stability increased, minor fixes.

0.1471 — 5 free test CAPTCHAs added, some websites compability fixes and minor bugfixes.

0.1463 — fixed bug when pluging didn't work on certain websites.

0.146 — auto form submit option added.

0.144 — Plugin name and description were localized.

0.142 — the plugin was added to the Chrome Web Store hence there is not necessity to install it manually.

Benefits are:

0.14 — regular image captchas support was added!

0.131  pluging operability was fixed for website crypto-city.org which is used for bitcoin earning.

0.13 — after recaptcha is solved blue flag shown.