Principles and settings for saving money when solving captchas

Here we'll describe some techniques when solving captchas in our extension which allow you to save some money and thus make your spending more efficient.

First of all. Miracles do not happen!

This information will be useful not for everyone but someone will benefit from it due to better customization of our extension.

Second. We already optimize your expenses

When there are few Recaptchas with the same sitekey (e.g. one for a registration block and one — for an authorization) then we send only one task to

Disable captcha types you don't need to solve

Not every captcha type need to be solved for you. For example you may not need the Fancaptcha or regular image captchas with text on it. You can make our extension not pay attention to them by disabling checkboxes "Solve Funcaptcha automatically" and "Use predefined regular image CAPTCHA marks" in the plugin settings.

Also you can turn off an automatic solving for visible (regular) reCAPTCHA 2 or invisible reCAPTCHA (which looks like a small badge in a right bottom corner) by removing flags from checkboxes "Solve reCAPTCHA 2 (I'm not a robot) automatically" and "Solve an invisibile reCAPTCHA automatically" accordingly.

Not everyone needs the Recaptcha2 Precaching feature

Even though the Precaching is a good way to improve Recaptcha solving time it always consumes more resources because some solutions will never be used and they will expire. More information on a Precaching web page.

We also notice that this functional isn't useful for everyone but for those who request recaptcha tasks with approximately equal intervals. In that case prepared solutions won't be able to expire (their lifetime is only 2 minutes). In cases of sudden increases or, on the contrary, fading of recaptcha task requests the above method may not speed up the solving process or just be too expensive.

Savings on Recaptcha

In the setting section of our extension you can find a section related to Recaptcha which will help you to save some rubles (we know you are using russian rubles aren't you). For each setting you can find there a short description but here we'll tell you how exactly you use them to save money.

Do not reuse previous reCAPTCHA 2 solution on the same web-page — enabled by default. If off then when there is a new Recaptcah block appears on a same web page provided that the previous Recaptcha 2 block was solved and the solution isn't expired yet (less that 2 minutes passed since it was finished), in this condition a new recaptcha solving task won't be created. It sounds like and obvious savings, but take into consideration that the Callback function may be already called for an old (previous) Recaptcha block and even if an old solution isn't expired yet it may be already used by the target web site and thus be completely useless for reuse. That's why do not rush to turn it off, not for nothing it's turned on by default =)

Start reCAPTCHA 2 solving only when a challenge box is shown — disable by default. If set then a recaptcha solving task won't be started until a recaptcha window where you should mark traffic lights and storefronts (the one you see when you click "I'm not a robot" checkbox) appears. But this option delays a solving start time just due to the fact that you need to press this "I'm not a robot" checkbox first. And second is that you need a tool that presses this checkbox for you. The savings are that Recaptchas you don't "marked" explicitly won't be solved.

Solve only presented (not hidden) on a web-page reCAPTCHA 2 — disable by default. Here as a "hidden" Recaptcha considered not an invisible one, but the one that exists in an web page HTML code but is hidden from a user in not visible container. Since our extension analyses HTML code while searching for a recaptcha then when this option disabled the solving task will be sent even if it's not required for a regular user to solve this Recaptcha. And Invisible Recaptcha 2 isn't considered as hidden in our opinion. Invisible Recaptcha 2 badge you still can see in a right bottom corner and if it's not hidden it's treated the same way as a regular Recaptcha. Disadvantage of this option is again a delay that you have before starting the solving process since this recaptcha block may not be actually visible for a user some time.

API usage

Using the AntiCaptcha extension API you can clearly specify which captcha should or shouldn't be solved. Pay attention to solveRecaptcha, solveFuncaptcha and setImageCaptchaSelectors methods. Principles of their work are well described in the article by the link above.

Cheap captchas for you!