Instructions for use of AntiCaptcha plugin

How to use a plugin for solving reCAPTCHA 2, reCAPTCHA v3, Funcaptcha, Geetest, hCaptcha and regular image captcha. Keyboard shortcuts and demo screenshots.

For any type of captcha

The plugin always adds on a target website its badge near the solved captcha. This HTML element among other CSS classes always has .antigate_solver class. So you can always find this element by mentioned selector.

Besides decorative purpose it's also may inform your script about a captcha solving status. Since this element always contains classes of a captcha type and the solving process status.
For example this bagde may have such group of classes: ".antigate_solver.recaptcha.in_process". Which means that a captcha type is Recaptcha2 (or Recaptcha3, including Recaptcha Enterprise) and the solving status is "In process".

The captcha types are: recaptcha, funcaptcha, geetest, hcaptcha and image (regular image with distorted characters).
Solving statuses: in_process, solved, error.

So your script can rely on the AntiCaptcha plugin bagde classes and know the captcha solving status at the moment.

Also you can see that the captcha solution process started by watching "Waiting 5 seconds, Waiting 2 seconds, ..." inscriptions in the browser Console. Those messages say about pauses between requests to the service for getting captcha solution.
First interval is always 5 seconds and rest of them — 2 seconds.
Browser console can be opened by pressing F12 key and switching to the Console tab.

Solve reCAPTCHA 2

The reCAPTCHA 2 (including invisible reCAPTCHA) is caught and being solved automatically on every new page of a browser. After solving there will be a special callback function run in which the result hash will be passed. Usually it takes about 1 minute to solve, but you can try our precaching feature which may increase a whole work speed.

Solve reCAPTCHA v3

Just set value for the "Desired score" option in the plugin Settings and do not forget to keep the "Solve reCAPTCHA 3 automatically" option ON. And it will be automatically solved in a background on every web page you visit.

FunCaptcha solving with animal image rotation

FunCaptcha is recognized and solved automatically same as reCAPTCHA, see a screenshot. For it there is also a callback method called with passing a solving hash to it. The whole process may take from 30 seconds upto 2 minutes.

Chinese Geetest captcha solving

Since recently we also successfully process and solve the Geetest captcha. Such captchas will automatically processed on every new page of your browser and it's shown below on the screen shot.

hCaptcha (Cloudfare) captcha solving

hCaptcha will automatically processed on every new page of your browser and it's shown below on the screen shot.

Regular image captcha

To solve a regular image captcha you should visit a page containing one, do the right click on the captcha picture and choose "Mark image as captcha source" in the context menu (1). There has to appear an AntiCaptcha plugin icon right on the image, which means, that all similar images on this website will be interpreted as containing a captcha.

It's also required to do the right click on an captcha input field and choose "Mark input as captcha solution destination" (2). An AntiCaptcha plugin icon will appear too.

Now automatical solving process will be made for every page of this domain, which contains chosen image and input field. To stop it all you need to do is to click on a plugin icon near image or input field.

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