Installation guide for AntiCaptcha plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser

Installation instructions for AntiCaptcha plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Tor Browser with screenshots

Dear users, our extension supports only Firefox version not less than 48. Starting this version Mozilla follows WebExtensions standart. Our plugin is completely written using it and can't be translated into an old Mozzila format. That's why on elder versions of Firefox AntiCaptcha extension either won't start installation or will show a corruption error.

This is the same reason why it doesn't work with browsers Pale Moon and Seamonkey. Simply put, they refused to implement a new standart to have a support of old extensions and their special features. But with TorBrowser our extension works quite well and we test new releases with it.

Press button below to start.

Install latest AntiCaptcha plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser

Download latest version from mirror a web site

Download previous stable version (0.59)

Unfortunately at the moment there is no new version of our extension available for Firefox in XPI format. Try to use a ZIP archive from the link below.

Download AntiCaptcha plugin in ZIP format (version 0.66)

If you see the following error: "This addon could not be installed because it has not been verified" or "Firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on" or something like that. Then please go to about:config page in the Firefox, find an xpinstall.signatures.required preference and change it to false.

Press "Allow" to confirm installation from this website.

After downloading press Install.

Plugin was installed, it can be used after a bit of tuning. To do so please click plugin icon in the top right corner.

Specify your account key next to the lock icon. And then press "Save" to confirm changes.

At that moment the plugin will validate an entered key. In case of success you'll see your balance and the plugin icon in the top right corner will become colored.

Congratulations, the plugin is successfully installed and configured, you can use it! You may need now how to use tutorial.

In case of error you can report your problem using Feedback form. Your suggestions may be sent using the same form.