AntiCaptcha plugin for installation for Google Chrome and Opera Browser

Installation options for AntiCaptcha plugin in two possible formats CRX and ZIP depending on your operating system and an autoupdate feature need.

Dear users! Google has removed our extension from the Chrome Web Store and now there is only two options of how you can install it.

Each option has it's benefits and flaws. It's your choice! We remind you that Firefox like browsers don't have such issues and installation and autoupdate works fine.

Manually from CRX file

  • Last available version: 0.59
  • Works in Chrome and Chromium for Windows: Need to edit Windows Registry
  • Developer mode required: No
  • Autoupdate feature: Yes

This option is for those who need last features and the autoupdate functionality.
The plugin should be registered in the Windows Registry to make it work in Chrome and Chromium.
Don't need to do so for Chrome and Chromium in Linux and MacOs, as well as for any other Chrome-like browser in any OS: Opera, Yandex Browser etc.

CRX Installation instructions

Manually from ZIP file

  • Last available version: 0.59
  • Works in Chrome and Chromium for Windows without registry editing: Yes
  • Developer mode required: Yes
  • Autoupdate feature: No

Recommended only for Chrome and Chromium for Windows users who can't/doesn't want to edit Windows Registry.
The autoupdate feature unfortunatelly doesn't work and you'll have to reinstall the plugin every time you need to update it.
Also a Developer mode has to be turned ON all the time to work with extension.

ZIP Installation instructions