A Plugin and anti-captcha.com account support

Support options for our users. Where you should write to depending on the question you have.

Dear users we would highly recommend to visit a frequently asked questions section first, since it may already contain all the answers you need! There might be a delay in our feedback response due to the lack of time.

The antcpt.com website is responsible only for the extension itself, on the other hand anti-captcha.com — for questions related with an account. A table below gonna help you to decide where you better write to. It will save us all time and will speed up the solution of the problem. Thank you!

A plugin support

If the extension:
  • Can't be installed
  • Doesn't run
  • Doesn't work on a particular website
  • Works not the way it should
  • A callback doesn't run / a form isn't sent
  • Shows an error message
  • Cannot detect a captcha on a web page

Questions related directly to the extension and a captcha solvong.

An antcpt.com Feedback form

An anti-captcha.com account support

  • An "No idle workers" error shown
  • A captcha is solved but very slow or incorrect
  • You cannot refill balance
  • You wanna make a refund
  • Looks like your account is blocked

All the financial questions, account troubles or a captcha solving quality complaints.

An anti-captcha.com support