Installation guide for AntiCaptcha plugin for Chrome, Opera, Edge from ZIP archive

Installation instructions for AntiCaptcha plugin for Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers using ZIP archive with screenshots

This is one of the two possible install options for Chrome. On the page Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers you can read about all the variants and their benefits and flaws.

On this page you'll find a detailed tutorial of how to manually install AntiCaptcha plugin for your browser from unpacked ZIP archive. Such information is useful if you use Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Edge for Windows and you can't/don't want to edit Windows Registry. In this case an autoupdate feature won't work and you'll have to permanently turn on a Developer mode. In other cases it's recommended to install AntiCaptcha plugin from CRX file.

1) At first press the download link below.

Download latest AntiCaptcha plugin for Chrome, Opera, Edge in ZIP format

Download latest version from a mirror web site

Download ZIP of previous stable version (0.62)

2) After downloading we need to unzip an archive. To do so open a directory with downloaded file.

After pressing a link the archive will be in Downloads section. On a downloaded file menu choose Show file in directory to be able to unpack it.

3) Click right mouse button on a ZIP file and choose "Extract All..." option and follow further instructions. After unpacking you'll see our plugin sources.

Unpacking an archive in Windows File Explorer.

Directory with plugin sources, don't close it, we'll need it later.

4) Please open an Extensions panel as it shown in the picture below.

Open a main browser menu, then More tools and then click Extensions.

5) You have two possible ways of a AntiCaptcha plugin installing.

5a) You may drag a directory with plugin sources onto any place of an Extensions pannel.

Drag a directory with sources with your mouse onto Extensions pannel, a plugin installation will start immediately.

5b) Or you can enable a Developer mode and press Load unpacked extension and then select a directory with plugin files.

Being on a Chrome Extensions pannel mark an checkbox for Developer mode. Further you press Load unpacked extension button and in opened window choose a directory with unpacked plugin source files. Press Ok and an extensionn will be installed.

Congratulations, the plugin is successfully installed.

Extension installed notification.

To have fifteen free CAPTCHAs you need to authorize in your browser with your Google account.
In a Settings pannel press "Sign in to Chrome" and go through the procedure of authorization.

Chrome settings pannel with Sign in to Chrome button.

In the end of the process (or if you were already signed into the Chrome) an AntiCaptcha extension icon will show the number of free CAPTCHAs left, same information you can see if you click it.

AntiCaptcha plugin settings window with free captchas info.

Last thing left to make it work is plugin configuring.
Click the plugin icon in top right corner (of find an "Options" link in an Extension panel for "AntiCaptcha automatic captcha solver" and click it).

AntiCaptcha plugin settings. API key input.

Specify your account key next to the lock icon. And then press "Save" to confirm changes.

At that moment the plugin will validate an entered key. In case of success you'll see your balance and the plugin icon in the top right corner will become colored.

Congratulations, the plugin is successfully installed and configured, you can use it! You may need now how to use tutorial.

In case of error you can report your problem using Feedback form. Your suggestions may be sent using the same form.