Kolotibablo Bot plugin installation for Google Chrome and Opera Browser from CRX file

Kolotibablo Bot plugin installation instructions for Google Chrome, Opera Browser in manual mode using CRX file format with screenshots

This is one of the two possible Kolotibablo Bot plugin install options for Google Chrome and Opera. On the page Plugin for Windows and Linux in Google Chrome and Opera you can read about all the variants and their benefits and flaws.

For the browser extension installation please follow instructions below:

0) Attention for Windows and MasOs users! Due to Google Chrome extension policy for normal installation and operation you need set following directives ExtensionInstallWhitelist and ExtensionInstallSources into browser policy options.

Please set values poaccciooiiejhnllapopnajlbnhdmen for ExtensionInstallWhitelist and https://antcpt.com/* for ExtensionInstallSources respectively.

For Windows users we created a specail REG file which you need to download, run and accept a change request. This file does everything automatically by writing above values to the registry. All you will have to do — restart the browser.

Download REG file for Kolotibablo Bot registration plugin in registry

After correct registration you can see these directives in the browser Policies page chrome://policy/ .

You need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect

1) At first press the download link below.

Download Kolotibablo bot plugin for Google Chrome in CRX format

Since the extension is downloaded not from official Chrome source, it won't be installed automatically.

After pressing a download link a plugin file will be placed in Downloads section and you'll see a notification that an extension won't be installed automatically.

2) Please open an Extensions panel as it shown in the picture below.

Open a main browser menu, then More tools and then click Extensions.

3) Now drag the file of plugin downloaded earlier in any area of a panel.
If current plugin was already installed you should remove its old version in the first place by pressing a trash icon next to extension.

Confirm Kolotibablo bot plugin installation by preessing "Add extension".

Drag a CRX file onto Extensions pannel and confirm installation.

Congratulations, the plugin is successfully installed.

Extension installed notification.

Press Kolotibablo bot icon to see options window. Usually there is no need to modify these settings.