Kolotibablo Bot plugin installation for Android в Mozilla Firefox

Kolotibablo Bot plugin installation for Android in Mozilla Firefox

Video instructions

Text instructions

1. Download and install Firefox from the Play Market. Open your browser, go to your account on Kolotibablo. To have a possibility to solve Recaptcha (Funcaptcha, GeeTest) tasks, you need to install our certificate and our plugin in the browser. You will see red crosses opposite the certificate and plugin information - this means that the certificate and plugin are not installed.

2. Click on the red cross in the certificate line, you will be taken to the certificate installation page, there click on "download certificate". Check the first checkbox and click "ОК". Go back to the main panel and there will be a green check mark in the certificate line. This means that the certificate has been installed successfully.

3. Next, click on the remaining red cross corresponding to the plugin. Choose "I'm running Android" and then "Firefox", and then a "Download" button. You can also download the Kolotibablo Bot extension using this link. You need to agree with the security warnings from Firefox. After that, go back to the main panel, make sure that there are no red crosses and you can start working.